Webi Chart Visualization in SAP Business Objects 4.0


Recently, a customer called us complaining about charts not working, instead a red cross appeared as show below.


Fig. 1-Red “x” instead of a chart

They reported Webi Servers are up and all other Webi functionalities are working ok. Guess what, Chart visualizations are not controlled by Webi Servers. Per the admin guide, The Adaptive Processing server controls the Visualizations in WEBI.


The APS at the customer site was stopped.


Fig.2-Stopping the APS

I suggested them to start the APS..


Fig.3- Enabling the APS


Fig. 4- The Chart reappears upon restarting APS

As you may know, direct enhancements or a connection to charts in SAP BO was not previously possible as SAP used a 3rd party charting tool. With BI 4.0, SAP has implemented a new charting engine called CVOM for all it’s visualization tools. CVOM is a common charting engine that can be used for visualization across the BO Suite.

A new installation of SAP BO includes one APS per host. Although some users feel more than one Adaptive Processing Server is unnecessary, SAP actually recommends having more than one APS. Using additional APS’s will actually improve APS performance, especially when a large amount of charts and Webi reports are needed.


Fig. 5- Creating one more APS

Although this is the preferred method for a Production Environment, another workaround is to reduce the number and the size of each of the services assumed by the existing Processing Server. This can be done by right clicking on the APS server in the CMC->Servers, and using the “Select Services” option.


Fig. 6-Selecting Specific Services for APS

When creating additional APS’s, it is often useful to split services into common functional areas or service categories. When reviewing the SAP Sizing Companion Guide for 4.0, it actually recommends creating separate APS’s for each of the six processing categories: Core Services, Analysis Services, Connectivity Services, Data Federation Services, Life cycle Management Services, and Web Intelligence Services.

The guide also recommends that the CVOM visualization service should run in one or more dedicated APS depending on the sizing and usage.


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